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    I recently purchased an additional charger and cable from e-bay since the touchstone set I purchased from Radioshack does not have a charger and usb cable included.

    This charger arrived today but looks different from the original Pre Plus charger. It's bigger and thicker.

    Could it be a fake e-bay charger? seller shipped it in bulk with not retail box.

    Left of the picture is the original OEM that came with the Pre Plus and the one on right is the one that I bought from e-bay.

    Everything except the size looks kinda genuine
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    I don't think it's fake. I have the exact same one you have also from ebay. I checked palm's website and they sell 2 different types. The North America (the one that comes with the pre) and the larger International power charger (the one we have).
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    that's from the treo pro and original pre at launch. It's genuine. I have several.
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    Thanks guys. That's a relief~
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    thanks, was wondering as well.
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    for future reference, look at the part number on the charger...then google it.

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