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    Hey m8's.... So I just got back from doing some running around town and found a OME Pre silp case(sleeping bag) right on the front steps of my condo. People often sit on my front steps to get away from the craziness of South St. It's not mine or Mrs. Philly's cause we don't use them and there put away in the closet.

    I know these things are like gold to some people and hate the idea of one of my Pre brothers/sisters losin there sleeping bag.

    It has the Palm Logo & is kind of broken in like it's been in use for a month or 2.

    So if you where in the area of 7th & Bainbridge St in Phila PA today between the times of 1:30pm & 2:30pm and stopped to take a breather on some steps and now come to find your missing your sleeping bag, let me know.
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    oh so it was your house I robbed
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    hahaha... If you could get in to this place with out setting off the alarm system you can have anything you want. I've lived here for 4 years now and still set the alarm off a couple times a week. LoL

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