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    The touchstone is awsome once you start using it.
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    If Dataviz ever resumes development for WebOS Docs2Go, just think what a "killer" device a combined Touchstone/Projector (using Bluetooth connectivity) would be for mobile presentations!
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    Quote Originally Posted by o0otoxic View Post
    what they need to do is make some apps that take advantage of the touchstone like a news ticker or a sports score app or maybe some kick *** screen saver make the touchstone elite and those that just plug it in are jellous of us that have it.
    The Baseball Live! app works well as a score ticker on the TS. I agree that the TS is a great accesory, and more apps should take advantage it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djmcgee View Post
    The magnetism involved in inductive charging would preclude touchstone car charging and having access to a compass.

    I too think the Touchstone is on the way out. As phones get larger and require more juice it is going to be difficult for inductive charging to keep up without overheating the device. Of course, there could be improvements....
    did you say 'as phones get larger'? last time I checked, things were getting smaller and more power-efficient. I guess you are too young to remember bag phones, the motorola brick, the 'revolutionary' microTAC (first flip phone).

    adding an inch of screen real estate to a smartphone doesn't make it bigger or require more power. just sayin'
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    I would hope the TS would stick around. The TS has given Palm both good press and a cool factor other phones have not done yet (As far as I know). The one thing I love about the TS is the fact its made by the company that supports my phone. So unlike that power mat I don't need to worry about it blowing up my phone. Well it can but its alot less likely to be an issue. So lets hope HP sees this as a good thing and moves forward with it!

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    If Palm wants to continue the Touchstone charger I guess it will release something bigger for the rumoured WebOS tablet. I think it's quite a challenge to have a tablet mounted on the current touchstone in a stable way.
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    I'm stoned at home, at work, and in the car. I wouldnt trade it for anything!
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    My 2 Cents: If you don't love the Touchstone, then you must not have one. I absolutely love my Touchstone. +1 to Palm for innovation!
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    Ts = totally baddass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teejay69 View Post
    I'm stoned at home, at work, and in the car.
    420 charge phones every day
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    Quote Originally Posted by cr_8_tiv View Post
    The touchstone + car mode (mode switcher app) allows me to charge my phone and have the bluetooth automatically turn on every time it is on the touchstone in my car.

    Saves me so much hassle.
    What app is this? Homebrew or store? That would be fantastic!

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    The touchstone is the single best peripheral product ever developed for any smartphone, hands down.
    I do not want to own another device that does not use a touchstone. I use one in my home, in my car and at my office. Once you use one, you can never go back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysurf View Post
    If Dataviz ever resumes development for WebOS Docs2Go, just think what a "killer" device a combined Touchstone/Projector (using Bluetooth connectivity) would be for mobile presentations!
    I would rather they figure out a way to make the Touchstone have data capabilities, maybe license something like Sony's "TransferJet". You put the device on the "data Touchstone" and they should automatically know to communicate with each other.

    I don't like Bluetooth because pairing is a pain, unless Palm could make it so that the projector would automatically start pairing with the phone upon detection of the Touchstone back. Real good designs should just work, not requiring you to run through a string of dialogs and button clicks.

    Or, maybe HP builds the touchstone into their laptop palmrest areas, and again, it could do BT auto-pairing for syncing your media and backing up data. (Now that would make all the other phones with USB cables look ancient!)

    What if HP cameras also do touchstones?

    Or the simplest would be Touchstone speaker docks.

    The Touchstone has so much potential if it does data
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    There's a lot of great sentiment and even a few good ideas here.... allow me to add my $.02

    I was starting to fear that TS would disappear with HP - I cannot imagine having to go back to plugging things into my phone.

    Jamming Laptops into Docking stations is enough - I do not want any more cables in my life. BTW - anyone else out there had a minor accident with a laptop while the power jack was plugged in? The damage that can be done to the laptop's power connector can cost more than replacing the darn notebook!

    So, now that HP has aquired Palm, I sincerely hope that their marketing guru's (and no, I do not think they're THAT great at marketing) do a better job than "mom's phones" commercials, which made me want to pull out my non-existent hair and run screaming down the road!

    I REALLY, REALLY think that TS compatible devices of all types (Phones, cameras, slates, remote-controls, etc.) could benefit.

    Design-related issues:

    I don't think the "compass conversation" from earlier has any technical foundation. I believe the "compass apps" are most likely GPS/aGPS-based, and as such, or not sensitive to True North, magnetic anomolies, etc. See link (Compass Go for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store) for description of iPhone app. Note that they have to walk a long ways before it starts working - that is because the software is gett a series of GPS fixes so it can CALCULATE points of the compass.

    I think there is a potential "oops" in the slightly concave surface of the TS. It might not fit the design lines of cameras, other phones, slates, etc.

    To summarize:
    I hope I never have to go back to plugging in chargers.
    I have 3 TSes right now - Bedside, Office and car. Looking for an excuse to reserve a spot for a 4th next to the sofa... but until the wife gets a Pre, it's not likely to happen!

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    You guys are so hilarious.

    In 5 years, when EVERY wireless device charges via Inductive charging mats, please remind me how ridiculous your statements are.

    Inductive charging isn't going anywhere soon...Palm was just WAY too far ahead of the game in offering it now.

    In 10 years, we will have inductive charging mats the size of our desks, and we will just sit every electronic object: Laptop/phone/bluetooth headsets/every wireless USB device on it to charge them.

    Its just the next logical step.

    After that step is wireless energy: charging devices through the air over a distance of 20 feet. They have already proved it is possible in lab tests. Its all over engineering press.

    You guys dont think like an engineer. Just because a device conflicts with another, you don't omit the device, you re-engineer it so that they don't conflict.

    Its totally possible to make a compass without it interfering with an inductive charger.

    While HP may not initially take to the idea of inductive charging, as a technology it will not only not dissappear but will become insanely popular in the coming years.

    Trust me, you guys will be going "jesus, I can't believe we had to PLUG stuff in to charge it! haha that was soo 2010"
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    If I had to make the choice, I'd take my TS's over a compass anyday. I use them everyday. I had 3. Just got a 4th from Radio Shack. I have one at work, one in my car and one in my bedroom. The 4th is going to be in my living room as soon as I get my new wall charger...
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    I love my TS. I bought my Pre and my TS setup within a day of each other from The 1st time I charged my phone was with the USB cable. I was so afraid to open that little door, for fear of breaking it (I'm notoriously clumsy).

    Then my TS arrived a day later. I couldn't have been happier with it's drop-and-charge.

    I have three. One at my desk, one on my end table, and one for travel that has a longer USB cable.

    As for a compass? I'm a retired archaeologist. I use the real things like; Brunton, Silva or Suunto.

    Ps: I'm no longer afraid of the little door.
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