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    I just picked up a touchstone from radio shack, I love the adesive bottom on it. I decided to stick it on a picture above my nightstand, it sticks to the glass very well and SEEMS sturdy, but I was hoping someone else has had experience with using the touchstone on a verticle surface. Anyone want to add their $0.02?
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    I haven't tried sticking it on glass vertically but I wouldn't trust it. You may be waking up to a broken pre.
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    yea when i first got my phone and was trying out different spots to mount my touchstone in my car i tried the windshield. it seemed to stick really really good but 5 minutes later it fell off and hit me in the knee!
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    if you must get some velcro or something similar
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    I was just about to post a topic and see if anyone had mounted their touchstone vertically. I'm probably going to go buy some velcro and mount mine next to my bedside later.

    However, one reservation about this is during storms I constantly have power outages, which would cause the phone to come tumbling down. So I either need to keep a pillow under it or have some sort of fail-safe catch in case of any problems..
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    ????? The magnet in the touchstone is not powered. It will continue to stick without power, it just won't be transfering any energy.
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    Thanks for the input guys, I decided to take it down for now, I do plan on reinforcing it later on though and trying again.
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    I have my second touchstone installed on the underside of my toolbox lid. When I open the lid it is mounted vertical with a small hole for the cord to go through. I have used no additional adhesives and it has never even come close to falling off. Also, when slamming the drawers open and shut repeatedly all day long the phone has never come off the stone. Will post pics if I remember tomorrow.
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    I just picked up a Touchstone and car charger at Radio Shack sale, thanks to our friends in this forum. Its on my dash, and the OEM car charger is doing a fine job charging the Pre. Now I'm stoned at home, at work, and in my car!! Gotta love it!!
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    My Touchstone is stuck vertically to the side of my night stand next to my bed. Perfect for when I can't sleep and I wanna do a little reading or watch a movie and not disturb my wife. It's been there for months!

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