I ran the Overheating Warning Patch and would get an overheating message on the TouchStone when using it as a Mobile Hotspot - Actually when running anything!.
Temps would be around 113 to 120, mostly at 120.
Two things about this:
1. All of a sudden it dawned on me - Trapped Heat!
I'm now keeping the slider open and it is running at least 5 degrees cooler!
I was afraid the Mickey Mouse case I got would cause worse heat problems - but it added only one degree at the most.
With the slider open, P3 in some sun, running the Mobile HotSpot AND on the Web and the Mickey Mouse case on it has been holding steady at 115 while sitting on the TouchStone.
5 degrees cooler batter temp with the slider open.
2. the 113/122 (45c/50c) range has to be Low! Most computer equipment run at those temps or more! True I think the patch I use to had is using the battery temp and those thing can Burn Baby Burn - but still that temp is to Low to be considered High!
(see here How hot is too hot? )

Just my observation.