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    I got a small scratch on my screen. I'm really careful but somehow I got a tiny scratch. It really bothers me because You can always see it especially when scrolling on websites and when watching videos.

    If I were to get a screen protector would it cover up the scratch or would I still see it?

    Today is the 30th day so if I wnted to I could get another replacement from Verizon. The only thing that worries me about doing that is what if I get one that has a loose slider, screen hotspots, uneven keyboard lighting, or something else. Then I would be stuck with it unless I got it replaced twice in the same visit and I don't think VZW would like that...
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    get it replaced insstore so you can tru the replacement before you leave.
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    You better replace it now if the screen bother you that much... Good luck. Ps. Think positive.
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    Alright I'll go after school today and get it replaced. It will be my 5th Pre+ LOL
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    the scratch will still show through the protector. Btw...screen protector pack of 3 @ radioshack for $4.99...
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    If you can't get it replaced, don't worry. You'll get used to it.
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    I'm just going to say somehting the keyboard
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    If you can't get it replaced, buy yourself a bottle of Novus Heavy Scratch Remover 3. It's one of the best products on the market for removing scratches on plastic.
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    They didn't replace it... So it looks like I have to deal with it. It's not so much a scratch as a small nick in the plastic.

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