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    Just picked up a Touchstone from Radio Shack. When I put the Pre on the Touchstone, either the Pre or Touchstone makes a low humming noise. It's similar to the noise some TVs make, even when they are muted, but lower, kind of like a low whining noise. Is this normal?? Or is it possibly defective? Using it at work probably won't bother me, but at home the noise gets really annoying, would be especially annoying when trying to sleep.
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    I was some one else. So what can you suggest. How do I find a base line to judge my actions from. Then I could see if all these problems originate with me or them. I'm not afraid to admit I am part of the problem but I truly think I can't be the cause of all of it or most of it like these people say I am. Even if I do find a base line to use as a guide then what do I do, They have to to be willing to help me solve these issues.

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