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    The sale last up until the end of the week,hurry up! Price go back to $79.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmcnally View Post

    You can also order from the website... I just got the base and the autokit.
    Item: 7241543
    Description: Palm® Touchstone™ Charging Dock for Pre™ and Pixi™
    Quantity: 1 @ $19.99
    Shipping Method: Standard Ground, (3-5 business days)
    Arrival dependent upon the shipping method selected.

    Item: 6778840
    Description: Palm® Pre™ Vehicle Power Adapter/Charger
    Quantity: 1 @ $12.99
    Shipping Method: Standard Ground, (3-5 business days)
    Arrival dependent upon the shipping method selected.

    Easier then driving around!

    the web site is only the touchstone in the store its the backplate and the touchstone for 19.99
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    I am going TOMORROW! Thank you guys for the info, I hope the ones in near me have some available still.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rush View Post
    The sale last up until the end of the week,hurry up! Price go back to $79.
    pricing is good for 10 more days
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    Not in brooklyn,ny. Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palmosaurus View Post
    I picked mine up at Best Buy today. They price matched - no questions asked except the price and where I found it.
    Thats awesome, because they probably have more in stock than the limited supply that Radio Shack has left.
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    Hit Best Buy Monday to get my sister-in-law a Pre, and they Price Matched.
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    How long is this lasting?
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    I got one for $19.99 at RadioTrash yesterday.
    I already have one I bought for $9.99 with a back cover (just in case) another one all by its self for 39.99 and yet another naked one for $34.99
    Have to have 4 of them!!
    What I think it means is that they are being discontinued!
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    just got me one today for 20.00 and the xentris carrying case for 13.00 which I didn't think would work on the touchstone but it does

    the shack had only stones 2 and 2 cases they are almost sold out of the palm stuff might go get the last stone for my wife
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    Thanks so much for this information! I'm gonna head there after work today!!
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    well I thougt the holster would work with the stone it says charging but it isn't I guess the back cover is to thick for the connection I thought about cutting a hole in the cover for the stone to fit flush on the stone back and the palm emblem would show but was afraid to mess the back cover up on the holster case

    has anyone ever modified this holster to work with the stone?
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    Just came back from my Radio Shack with a new Touchstone kit! Man does the matte back feel (and look!) nice. All I need now is to order a second cable so I can keep my Touchstone one plugged in permanently.
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    I just bought another one and a car charger for mounting in my ride! Supply in this area is almost gone. I just bought the last sock in my local Shack.
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    just went to RS and got the kit for $19.99. It was their last one. After I bought it, the guy took the peg off the wall that held it. I asked him why, and he said that they were not ordering any more.
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    I just picked up two, and a car charger for $12
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    check out,they have the usb cord,dock and plug. I paid $12 which include s/h. Touchstone back was not available.
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    Just ran to the Shack and picked one up myself for 19.99. The sales clerk was kinda annoying me because he was on the phone the whole time basically saying "Oh my God! Really? Oh my God!" and trying to do everything with one hand. Thanks OP for posting this, because I probably would have never gotten one otherwise.
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    Is there any chance that the Pre Central store will price match?
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    I picked one up one yesterday, last in store like many are reporting. Ordered 2 charging cables off of e-bay for $18 total.
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