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    Does anyone know where I can purchase Palm decals or stickers. I tried sending an email to Palm, with no luck.
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    I saw an apple sticker yesterday and had an idea that we could help promote Palm with stickers or even have one with an apple with PRE stamped across it diagonally.
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    We definitely need to get Palm on this for us!! They need to add some in the phone packaging!!
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    That's actually a really good idea.
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    I'd love to put a palm decal on the back window of my Jeep.
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    I know they have stickers they use at dev confrences and things. Maybe they could hook up a few lucky precentral members.

    how bout it guys
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    you could make your own, but that might be pricey, I'm not sure.
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    if you've got a color laser printer avery makes printable lables that are virtually indestructable. I used them with my black laser printer for some work related stuff. Three years in wind, rain, and sun and they looked no different. I agree though it would be nice if palm had some.

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    I would like one too!!!
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    Would of been awesome if Palm had these made and included them in the box with our phones like Apple does. I would totally rock one on my car. I have so much Palm love it is frightening.
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    I know if your looking forthe stickers for like car windows and what not there are some places that can print them. You have to bring in the picture. Some places might not though due to copy right and what not.

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    I would def, be in for some. Come on Palm
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    You can just go online and make a custom decal that says palm.

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