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    I am trying to find a BT solution for my car; I have an aftermarket stereo with aux input and I am looking to do a TS mount with BT. I absolutely need the BT receiver to have aux out and an external mic, and support a2dp and call profiles. Anybody have experience with any BT receivers that would work for me?
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    I installed a T-605 in my pickup, and it was the best $50 that I ever spent. I stream Pandora via A2DP on my touchstone whenever I drive. I especially like how the T-605 kit comes with an external speaker for the phone, so that music goes into the stereo but you don't need to have the stereo on and set to AUX to use the speakerphone. The T-605's wiring harness also comes with a 3.5mm AUX *input* connector in it, which you can use to chain a wired AUX device into your stereo to share the AUX port when you're not using A2DP.

    The only negative for the T-605 is that it doesn't do voice dialing or integrate with a phone book, but I'm not a heavy voice user and almost never originate a call while driving. As such, it works great for me.....
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    does soundfly has fm transmitter to my car radio? and if so how does it work, are there too much distortion bcs of bluetooth and fm-transmitting then? is the sound clear? tnx
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    I have a T605 I installed to my Accord paired with a DICE iPod interface. I liked it so much I did the same T605 / DICE setup into my wife's 4Runner.

    The microphones that come with the T605 seem to suck though, so I replaced those with PC microphones that come with webcams.

    The microphone I cannibalized

    My choice for where to install it


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