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    I have had my Pre since Nov and it has been paired with my plantronics BT since then just fine, on a daily basis. Over the weekend however, I went to pair it in the system menu and the "thinking" spinning icon just spins next to the word Bluetooth, status shows "OFF, Turning on Bluetooth..." but nothing happens. I have restarted the device several times, removed the battery and it still persists. It will neither pair, nor turn off, just spin. When I go to bluetooth preferences it goes to the BT screen, shows it ON and says "Bluetooth is turning on...", with the "spinner" again. I touch the on/off switch, but it does not react. Is there ANY WAY to cease this app and restart it? I have NEVER had a problem before, although from time to time pairing can be a little slow. I rely on my BT full time on this phone and it's killing me to go without!! I know the BT earpiece is fine as I use it with another device.

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    Bump because I've been searching PreCentral both through it's search and Google's and I have yet to find anyone respond with ANY input to this 1.4+ issue. Does anyone have any idea how this could be happening? Bluetooth seems to continually hang, no amount of battery pulling or airplane mode will get it to stop.

    Is there some sort of command that can be done from the terminal to terminate the services involves in bluetooth?
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    I recently started having this problem and have to reset to stop it. I thought it might be connected to Mode Switcher issue.


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