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    I've decided to let my holster go. I don't need to have a "quick draw" anymore. I'm also tired of the worn spot on my belts, and knocking it on everything (and my wife thinks it looks dorky). However, I want to keep as much convenience as possible. Primarily, I still want to be able to do everything with one hand, leaving the case in my pocket at all times. The included Palm slip case protects from dust and lint, but it's too flimsy. I hate having to hold a case while checking my Pre. Something that holds its shape could stay in my pocket while using the Pre, then I could shove it into the case without having to take it out.

    These 2 look pretty good, but can you extract the Pre from them one-handed, without pulling the whole case out?

    Anyone have suggestions for carrying the Pre this way? Thanks
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    I have a leather case I got from sprint,,its generic,,it has a built in swivel belt clip,magnet to close,,and pre fits perfect even with my hard case.
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    There is a thorough review of the SPE pocket pouch here:

    Because of the rip cord, it's a two-handed case. (You also need to make sure that the rip cord isn't in the way before you put the phone back in.) Other than that, it's solid, well made, and comes highly recommended from someone (me) who uses it every single day.....

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