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    Does anyone have this Jabra Clipper model BT device.

    It seemed like a cool idea for a couple different things and was curious if anyone had it/liked it or didnt.

    The idea is that all it is, is a clip that you plug your normal headphones into, instead of a being a BT headset itself. I thought it would be cool to have because my jeep, like most new cars has a 3.5mm aux input. If i plugged this into that, as opposed to going with just plugging my Pre into the jeep radio, I wouldnt get that problem with people not hearing my since the BT adapter has a mic built into it. It also supports BT music and has controls on it for that as well. So i could stream Pandora, or other music from my pre to the stereo in the Jeep and then take calls over the Jeep's stereo too when they come in.

    So, does anyone have this and like it? I have heard that the mic on the unit isnt the best if its further away from you, so I wonder if I plugged my standard Palm Pre headphones into it that has its own mic if i could do that and keep the clip attached to me pants pocket or just in my pocket all together.

    Heres a link to a review I found on it that didnt seem to answer my questions.

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    I've had the Clipper for abou 2 months and like it very much. The bluetooth transceiver is a little weak in signal strength, but the microphone performance is excellent. Stereo sound is good, and controls are simple to use. Great unit for those listeners physically active.
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    any thoughts on finding a used one of these?

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