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    Just got a new Lexus RX450h, but I cannot pair my Pre for bluetooth dialing (and ideally music playback). Anybody else having problems with the Pre and Lexus? My dealer told me to check with the phone manufacturer, as the Lexus website does NOT list Palm in their compatible phones list (but the list is outdated).
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    I have a 350 and didn't really have a problem. Except that the pairing mechanism on the steering wheel is a bit complex...or rather a few two many steps. What problem are you having?

    The music playback does work for me also. Just remember the telephone setup and music device are two different setups. Re: the music device in my car, I have to go into BT mode on the stereo.
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    Lexus should provide instructions on how to pair with their car kit.

    I've played with a Lexus and my Pre' a while ago and from what I recall Lexus had different settings for music and call handling that had to be setup to work. I think there was a setting on Lexus that had the car kit initiating or blocking audio connections. You had to explicitly select something that "allowed" the phone to play audio through the car kit.

    It was a bit tricky, but as I mentioned, Lexus should provide instructions on the usage of their car kit. The Pre' is pretty simple. Pair the phone and connect.
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    It's supported, but there's also this disclaimer: 1 - Carkit does not support accessing Contacts from Pre.

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