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    Most of the time I listen to music on my Pre with a Creative EP-630 in ear headset, but if someone calls I have to pull my phone out of my pocket to talk in the microphone while listening via headphones.

    Due to compatibility I didnt know what quality headset I would buy. So I modded a original Palm Headset with new Sennheiser in-ears from a Sennheiser CXL-400.

    This headset is normally not quite cheap (-+45) but this was a previous model, so I could buy it at Paradigit and use the earbuds to replace the original palm ones.

    This is what it originally looked like.

    I don't like the head strap, especially because if you want to use this with your laptop the cablelength is ons about 50cm, but I don't need that anyway.

    So take the sennheisers, remove the rubber buds. After that remove the silver ring. Use your nails to open it.

    Now pull out the speaker part

    And you'll see there's an knot in the cable to resist agianst pulling the cable

    and you see the two buds taken apart

    Now take the palm earbud en crack it open with a tool (not possible without damaging it). In my case a pulled to hard and the speakers broke from the cable. You see in the palm bud a smal compartment for the knot. This is glued in there, so you need a little force

    And here you see the palm buds taken apart

    Solder the connections loose

    Now the hardest part comes, getting the cable through the rubber sennheiser sleeve. Its not hard to get the copper through, but the get the (soft) cable shield through is harder.

    So take the sennheiser sleeve from the plastic (also a bit glued) and it will be easier. After a bit pulling back and forward you get it done.

    Now solder it to the sennheiser speakers

    Put everything back in place an you're finished. A fully working high quality headset with microphone, answer/pause/play button for €15

    View all the photo's here
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    Good work!

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