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    Is there any sort of tape player you put in your car that doesnt have usb to play songs from the iphone? I've seen it done with an ipod.
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    Would something like that work for the pre?
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    Yes anyone of those works. I use one in my car. Quality is decent. I had to add a mic adapter so that I could simply use my phone hands free when I get a call. This is the one I got:
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    Something like that will yes. Anything from tape to mp3 player will work. I currently have one in my car and I really like it since my car doesn't have bluetooth and I don't feel like spending a lot on an fm transmitter.
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    I use the same thing I my car... my phone is mounted on a touchstone down low in front of my shifter. With it plugged into my stereo, I use it handsfree and the person on the other side has no problem hearing me...
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    Good stuff thanks guys I was pretty sure it would work but wasnt 100% positive.
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    The cassette adaptors work great, you can pick one up at WalMart for about $10 if you don't want to go to the trouble of ordering it.
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    Haha I was just gonna ask where I could get it but I'll go get one right now actually.
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    *sigh*, Ya those work great! I have NOT been at all happy with FM Transmitting

    Too bad my modern car (2007) does not have a cassettee...

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