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    Ok so I got my pre on 3/30/10 and I bought a palm side leather case and a zagg screen protector. About a week and a half ago I started to notice a dark area in the middle of my screen in the shape of the ribbon on my case. My 1st reaction was to clean the screen. That didn't work. It wasn't that bad so I lived with it. Day after day I noticed spots getting darker and darker so I reserched this on the forums and found a thread were someone had the same issue. I then called palm the next day and told them what was going on and that I thought it was the case that was causing the dark spots on my sceen. They told me to call sprint and see if they will replace it and if not then send it in to palm for repair. So I did and sprint is going to replace the phone so cool I'm happy now. Well I got a little bumed because I just paid $25 for my zagg so I tried to take it off in hopes that maybe I can reinstall it on my new pre. Well needless to say I couldn't save the zagg and GUESS WHAT? NO MORE DARK SPOTS LOL.. WELL I'm getting a new phone for nothing to bad I can't keep both pre's. DUMB DONKEY!
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    What does this have to do with pre bluetooths?
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    Sorry I put it in the wrong catagory
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    Quote Originally Posted by thecrazy88 View Post
    Sorry I put it in the wrong catagory
    LOL... the title says it all then.

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