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    I had the Plantronics Backbeat 906, which comes with the bluetooth dongle with the standard 3.5mm earphone jack which will turn any non-BT audio device into BT capable. I used it with my Pre Plus, but also used the dongle with another non-BT mp3 player. Awesome sound, awesome reliability. Until early this month when I left the dongle in my shorts (that sounds kinda dirty). It went through the washer and died.

    I was looking for a way/place to buy a new dongle, which I soon discovered is not available by iteself apart from the full 906 package. But the customer rep over at the Plantronics forums gave me the following advice:

    Re: Can I buy the analog adapter contained in the Backbeat 906 alone

    04-12-2010 04:32 PM

    Is it lost or is it just clean and not working? If you still have the dongle, you can send both the headset and the dongle into Plantronics and you can get them replaced. Unfortunately the dongle isn't available separately. If you can, package the headset and dongle up and include your return address, phone number and a copy of your receipt if you have it and send to:


    If you still need assistance, you can contact the Technical Assistance Group via the link provided below:


    I mailed out my old headset and damaged dongle - THAT BROKE DUE TO MY NEGLIGENCE AND NOT DUE TO ANY FACTORY DEFECTS - on April 15 or 16 and I received my "new-in-the-box" replacement by FedEx earlier today = ten days later.

    With that kind of customer service and support - they will have my repeat business in the future. I felt the need to let others here know that Plantronics is looking out for us and you definitely should consider their products to accessorize your phones.

    (I have no affiliation with Plantronics nor does anyone in my family or circle of friends).
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    I like good stories that this! Congrates!
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    Thanks for sharing the story! I've tried out the 903's in the past and was trying make a final decision on what headset to get for my daily commutes. I've heard bad things about these headphones not lasting long, but your post helped me make my decision and ordered the 906's this afternoon.

    The funniest thing is that when checking out to pay for the purchase I was informed that I get a FREE gift with my order - a blue gel case for an iPod. LOL
    I Guess I'll give that to a less fortunate family member forced to use an iPhone.

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