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    has anyone actually found a good case for the pre plus? i've had 2 bodyglove cases and had to return both of em due to the connection tabs breaking (not to mention the front part of it scratched the bottom of the face ). i also read reviews on some of the 2-piece snap-on cases in the store and some have said the same about the tabs on them as well. i've bout decided that there's not gonna be a decent case for it due to the fact that it's a slider phone and the tabs are gonna eventually break due to the sliding movement. i love the feel of the bodyglove case, but since i went thru 2 i wont be getting another one. i really need a case on it due to my job.

    any suggestions?
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    otterbox tandem?
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    I have verizon case w ts cut out in back,,i love it,,has it's own slider so phone can't twist. Phone is safe and solid and looks and feels great. And there is no tabs.
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    this is getting a lot of hype.

    it has glide rails that keep it together and stops the oreo effect.. seems to be pretty solid from what others say. I'll know in a few days when mine arrives.

    I had an innocase, and it was pretty good, but then a tab broke off, so I'm done with that idea, didn't help the wobble either..
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    I got the case 'tedrampart' is referring to in his post, the GRT case from AGF. I LOVE their case. It's build like a TANK!

    Also 'unseenme' the issue with the tabs on your bodyglove cases... this case (the GRT from AGF) doesn't have any tabs, it attaches to its self.
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    I use the Case-Mate naked case which is all clear and had a screen protector built into it. It has tabs on it but they are quite tough, I know because I am constantly taking it off and on.
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    I'm waiting for my 2 AGF case's to arrive today I ordered it on friday ship monday
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    SEIDIOOOO!!! YOU BASTAAARRGHHHH DSSSUHHH. I want one, but am afraid of all the reviews saying the clips are so easy to break. so far, I've seen the agf and it is definitely way too bulky. Totally ruining the zen and balance of the pre -_-

    In my opinion, the perfect case would be a solid Seidio or a low profile back piece that stays on. With cool designs similar to those artists specials they made for the pixi. Seriously, the pre is a much superior phone!

    Cater to us!! J'AMON!!
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    I like the mobi ones in the precentral store. They're rubbery.
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    I retract. matte phantom skinz on front combo with zagg leather skin on back! FTW!!!!!

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