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    I bought the new Otterbox holster this week- generally I like it.

    I usually like Otterbox Defender series products; just curious if someone has any ideas on how to 'holster' the pre in your Otterbox case.

    If anyone uses sometype of holster in conjunction with your otterbox & pre- let me know what you are using.

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    I saw your post and was wondering if you had any luck finding a holster for you pre with the otterbox? Thanks
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    I've been using a generic pouch to put the phone in while in the case. In general it works well, although after about a week or two the rubber sides seem to be wearing off from frequent insertion and removing.
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    I was thinking about doing just that. My otterbox isn't in yet it should be here on Friday but I was trying to plan ahead. Thanks for the reply
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    No prob. The one I'm using is by Case Logic. I got it from WalMart for around $15-$20.
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    I love walmart. Thanks for the info
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    You're welcome! It's the bigger one of the two cases they have there.
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!

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