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    I know that Seido is unable/unwilling to make a Touchstone compatible cover for there Extended Battery. (Im guessing its more unable to cause of Patents)

    So my next question is, has anyone tried to take a touchstone battery cover and the Extended Battery Cover and swap out the pieces and see if you can make it work?

    I only have the touchstone and haven't purchased the extended battery and I am honestly split. I have a touchstone on my nightstand and on my car dash, but I use the USB(USB tether) or USB wall outlet(wifi tether) when I use "My Tether" for my lappy.

    Does anyone even have both to see if its possible? I "understand" the basic idea. Square up the 4 magnets and mount the "1/2 charger" to the cover and somehow "extend" the charge wires to the contacts in the phone itself.
    (easier said then done)

    But any help or insight into this would help greatly.
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    if you did a search of the forums, you would find a guy that will do it for $50.
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    Honestly I did search, but there was too many posts and too many posting in each to dig through.

    Mind you I just did a search for Touchstone Seidio.

    Can you link it for me.

    ps. I still have the phone you use as your icon in my closet :-)

    Edit: I looked and I found it ( I must have misspelled seidio the 1st time.
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    Had it done and it works great . Also the extended case while iffy at times does work . Magnetics very weak and does not hold real well but does work.

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