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    So, I think I've pretty much settled on a Phantom Skinz for my Pre Plus, but I can't decide b/w the glossy or the matte. Anyone out there have the one in matte finish? Does this dull the screen at all (brightness, clarity, etc)?? I know it's more forgiving with fingerprints and such, but I don't want to compromise screen quality.
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    whatsup yank, i installed a full matte skin yesterday on my replacement Pre, and i used it today at work. Overall, It was bit easier to install than the clear skin bcuz its a little stiffer and easier to handle. Also, fingerprints marks do not show up at all.

    However, i found it more difficult to read text in the browser while using the matte skin as compared to the clear skin. Previously, i used a clear phantomskinz and u could not tell there was a skin on the phone, unless u looked at the edges. So with the matte skin your sacrificing a bit of screen clarity for the benifit of no fingerprints and a slightler easier installation. Personally, by the time you read this i already ripped out the matte and replaced it with a phantomskinz clear.. look at the video below and decide for yourself. GL

    ZiplokeR, aka.... amsterdamAL
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    I've bought the matte vers. on amazon and it's sick. I assume the version you purchased was entirely matte. Instead, with mine, there are 3 pieces. A matte piece for the back, a matte piece for the front BUT with a cut out for a glossy piece for the screen --- "aaaahhh hAAhhh"

    cool huh?

    Absolutely resistant to any scratches smudges. Just wipe it and it's gone.

    I'll post pics when I have the time

    btw phantom skinz -- they even gave me 2 for the price of one! aw yeh.

    Sometimes I look at the glossy finish and think "hmm.. glossy" but I like the matte
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    eins... With a two piece skin on the front half of the pre, doesent it bother you when you gesture up on the pre? I felt the little mini gap where the gloss skin meets the matte skin.
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    I use a glossy skin. It's a fingerprint magnet. but, I put a little bit of carnauba wax on it periodically, and it feels like the bare screen after that...

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