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    I have had Zagg in the past and recently put one on my Pre + I HATE the wraparound. Good thing is I am going to have it replaced anyway under insurance have some nasty scratches on the screen. Too bad too got it used and it was pristine but I couldn't wait for a protector to use it, Going to go with with the Skinomi, I like the fact that its just the front.
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    +1 for Skinomi. Put mine on Sunday night, had a slight amount of orange peel near one corner. It disappeared by Monday morning and all looks and feels great.
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    I just traded out my Zagg for a Phantom Skinz. About 48 hours for all bubbles to go away, and the Skinz isn't nearly as "tacky" as the Invisible Shield. Great for playing N.O.V.A. or othere 3D games with onscreen joystick.
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    Has anyone tried decalgirl, Gelaskins or skinit decorative protectors? How do they work with the Palm Pre Plus?
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    +1 for PhantomSkinz
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    Just put on a new Phantom Skinz a couple of days ago. Saved my previous one and will send it back along with $3 cash and they'll send a replacement. It's a great skin.
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    After reading this thread I'm ordering Skinomi from Amazon.

    I just don't know how thick it is - will a Pre with Skinomi fit in Smartphone Experts pouch or a similar case?


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    + 1 for phamtomskinz. They ship you 2 in each package, and those things cling tight.

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    I just ordered a Skinomi because of all the great reviews. I got 25% off which brought the price down to $8.96 which is a pretty good price I think. The coupon code is get25.

    Oh, I just got the front screen because I use a case on my pixi.
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    are either of these touchstone compatible?
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    i know skimoni is touchstone compatible. i've been using it for a few months now and love it... i first bought just the screen protector but i liked it so much i got the full skin. its a bit tricky to get it on but i did and it's been on since early june and still looks great.
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    I have tried Invisible Shield and Skinomi. Pretty impressed by the Skinomi.This invisible shield protect my phone from scratches

    palm pre skins
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    I just got the BestSkinsEver front skin for my Pre Plus. Miles better than the Zagg I had on my Pre. For starters the surface feels more slick, so your finger doesn't grip when you perform a gesture. Also the wraparound gap is way smaller on the BSE, which on my Zagg it was so big it created a dust ball in the corner.. It's cheaper as well.

    Downside is there's no replacement warranty, probably why it's cheaper. Also the material is a bit thicker, so after applying it feels like your power and volume buttons went flat.
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    Mine short review of black carbon skinomi for Pre 2.
    Screen protector seems fine and much smoother then Invisible Shield on my previous Pre-. Around right top corner cutout (proximity sensor?) is already some mess and you feel it if you are use to open topbar menu with swiping from top (not with tapping the bar itself). Microbubbles disappered in couple of hours. In my opinion its much better them Invisible Shield.
    Carbon for side and back is pretty thick. It has fine texture in every "carbon thread". Was relatively easy to install with help of hairdryer. But because of its thickness you feel outlines of cover which isnt nice (and probably will catch dirt). Its surface is clearly visible because how light lands on texture.
    I didnt have photo of full packaging becuase I realised it might be interesting to someone after I had already installed it. But there were only necessary parts attached on paper unlike Invisible Shield (in IS case there was film on whole paper with suggested cutout outline which I basically had to cut on my own).
    It chargers fine on touchstone but doesnt hold as well as before - obviously because its thickness.
    Ill post some photos "in coming days".
    some hi-res photos and HD video:
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