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    I am on the zagg horrible list. when someone hands me a pre with it on it feels terrible.
    In Treo days we used Boxwave, I have yet to get one for the pre though, I go naked.
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    Yep add me to those that are unhappy about ZAGG. I had Best Buy install invisibleshield 3 times and 2 out of those 3 had defects on them (horizontal and vertical lines in the shield that were quite visible when the screen is turned on and over a white background)

    I tried Skinomi as well and while I liked the surface of it better once again, like all these 3 products it was a pain to install. You shouldn't have to go through all that hassle and spraying water and stuff to install a screen protector. I have a peel and stick PowerSupport on my iPod Touch and it was the easiest I ever installed as well as the most durable and best looking. Too bad they don't make screen protectors for Pre.

    Right now I'm goin bare and just keeping my Pre in its pouch all the time. Don't think you can scratch it just by hand using it the way it was intended. (unless you have really long nails)
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    I'm a fan of the bodyguardz skins as well. They also give you 20% off future orders if you need to replace the skins. I can barely tell that the screen has a protector on it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuarlesLT View Post
    +1 for the Skinomi protector. I have one on my Pre and Zune HD and couldn't be more satisfied with the look, feel, and customer service for replacements.
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    I went with the Phantom Skins based on forum feedback back in Aug/Sept. They have worked great: smooth and dont peel. I did get a scratch in it and it completely protected my PRE. They have a lifetime replacement and there were no hassles. I sent in the scratched skin and I had a replacement within 3-4 days. I haven't tried any other skins though so I don't have any basis for comparison.
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    when installing skinomi, I found the best way is, spray it and lay it down and let it dry on it's own. I had no bubbles on the first try. I notice when you try to push the water out, it makes things come out bad. I put mine on last night and it's truly awesome. No bubbles and 90% of the water is gone. Best protector I have ever used. I have tried all the top ones.
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    I have a Skinomi on my Pre, and just ordered another for my wife's Pre. Install was easy, but the "rainbow" concerned me, as it lingered for about a week. All gone now, though.
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    I have a phantom skinz, must have had it since around august last year and its beginning to fail me. The corner tabs are slowly peeling off and beginning to move around during extremely hot weather. I'm going to switch over to skinomi.
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    Skinomi looks interesting since I don't want a back skin as I have the Touchstone charger case. However their checkout counter is pretty limited for International orders - have emailed them to include my country as a destination.
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    Recently installed a PhantomSkins protector on my Pre. I love the results! Everyone who sees it is really impressed.

    The skin shows no rainbow effect and very little orange peel. The surface is smooth not tacky at all. Its definitely helped with the smudging the glare and to top it off that self healing thing really works. I had a small scuff on it and a day later I couldn't find it. Ive had it on for a few weeks and there are no signs of lifting or peeling yet.

    P.S. I know this has been mentioned time and time again. But take your time with this and follow the directions. Don't worry about the small bubbles or haze immediately after install. In 24 hours mine were completely gone.

    P.P.S. Id like to mention how good their customer support is. I had a defect on my iPad skin and they sent me out a replacement no questions asked. I'm very happen with their products and service.
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    I've had my Invisibleshield on my Pre for almost a year now, no problems, still looks like the day I first put it on.
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    I installed the skinomi and am very impressed. Best of all, no more ugly fingerprints or face oil.
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    I just installed a skinomi 2 days ago.Once you follow their directions it is pretty easy.The only downside is the keeping the phone off for the 12 to 24 hours.I ended up with a 2mm bubble with fluid under it that had me pretty worried but within about 48 hours i am not seeing it at all.I am very impressed with this screen protector.the back of my phone is protector by a sprint case which is independent of the phone so no clips gripping onto the pre itself.I would definitely recommend this to anyone
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    I tried PhamtonSkins and InvisiShield. They both worked great for a couple of months then they started to peel. I prefer the skins vs a case, I like the natural feel. I am going to give skinomi a try. If it doesn’t work I guess I may have to try a case.
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    Just placed an order for Skinomi Techskin for my Pre and wifes pixi. for me it was between Skinomi and Phantom Skinz. I ended up going with Skinomi as they seem to be the best right now.
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    Does anyone know if I can use the Skinomi shields Here with the Otterbox Tandum case?
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    Just bought the Skinomi shield for my soon to be acquired ATT Pre+
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    Really liked the PhantomSkinz. The Bestskinsever I had before had a terrible wavy finish and it's design made the corners very hard to apply.
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    I installed the Skinomi on Sunday. There are still a lot of "micro bubbles." How long does that take to go away?

    Also, this morning (after spending the night on the touchstone) it looked like there was a crack or scratch in my screen. But, it appears to be in the skin. Has anyone experienced this? Does it go away?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nsanders View Post
    I installed the Skinomi on Sunday. There are still a lot of "micro bubbles." How long does that take to go away?

    Also, this morning (after spending the night on the touchstone) it looked like there was a crack or scratch in my screen. But, it appears to be in the skin. Has anyone experienced this? Does it go away?
    I have the Skinomi. 5 months and the only problems are the tiny strip of plastic over the ear speaker has lifted. I'm considering cutting it off but it isn't that noticeable. I purchased the plastic belt clip and it scuffed the bottom edges of the Skinomi.

    The other tiny problem is I have an 1/8th of an inch, hair-thin line near the right corner. It acts like a prism. It is very tiny. I almost never notice it. It is a defect in the plastic, or a scratch on the other side of the skin. The surface is smooth over it. It is not serious enough to replace it.

    The issues are minor. I have no problem recommending it. I also recommend the steamy bathroom application technique.
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