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    It is a bit large, similiar to the Jabra over ear. I have also used this one, as well as the jawbone and alph. As I had said its audio is super, but my BT of choice is the 975. Very good audio but not as good as the PRO. Both use the same miniUSB that the Pre uses. A side note: I have also used a custom designed ear piece from averysound, and yes it does give outstanding volumn in your ear, it does nothing for the other party. Mine was about 60-70 dollars, don't use it anymore, but once you have one made, it will work with many other devices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maynardblue View Post
    This may sound weird, but I use my Sony PS3 Bluetooth headset (the official one) with my's only 49.99, but you can find it online for cheaper and it can be used for two devices (PS3 and Pre)..quite the bargain I think. It works great for me and sound quality is pretty good.
    i second whats posted in the quote. i have been using my Official sony headset. it works really well, and the sound is actually much better than i expected, and the people on the receiving end say its clear and crisp when i ask them.
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    backbeat all the way best stero/bluetooth
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    Well, I'm trying the Jawbone Icon right now. It's $99, which is a lot more than I wanted to pay, but I get a 25% discount at Verizon through my employer. It's the same price as the Plantronics Voyager Pro, but much smaller. Cnet gave it excellent reviews. Early returns are good. My g/f didn't flip out during our conversation this afternoon, even when I had the air and radio on in the car...that's a good sign. She did say she heard something when I had the air on full blast and pointed right at my face, but she could still hear me fine. We'll see how this does over the next few days.
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    Plantronics Voyager 510.

    Just go to and check all the reviews on it. 3,146 customer reviews and counting!

    best ever!
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    I think you made a good choice. The ICON is the best headset I've ever owned. The noise cancellation is excellent. You will be happy with it.
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    Icon didn't too well in the wind, sadly enough, b/c it performed well in just about every other respect. Wind is a big issue though b/c I talk a lot outside. I'm on the Voyager Pro right now and it does the best of all that I've tried so far. People can still hear some wind, but it doesn't keep them from hearing me at all. That said, I'm going to try the Blueant T1 when it is released...supposedly can handle up to 22 mph wind.
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    Voyager in a windstorm without missing a word
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    I have to agree with a couple of other posters and say that the Sony PS3 headset is THE best bluetooth headset I have used with any phone and I have tried a lot. $50 gives you a solidly built unit with great audio, very stable connections, easy controls and long talk time.

    Highly recommend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post
    Jabra Extreme here, 79.00, uses the same charger as the Pre, Small, Right or left ear, And Stereo!, Great battery life. By far the best headset Ive ever had.
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    So far I've tried a couple of bluetooth headsets for my Pre Plus, with not much luck. The first was a $39.99 Samsung that actually seemed to work well, until I was on the phone with my girlfirend and went to the kitchen to get some water: when I turned on the faucet she freaked and wondered what the deafening noise was from. Then I tried a $59.99 Motorola, but it was a bit crackly and not secure in the ear.

    I checked on cnet to look at their reviews. The highest rated one they have is $250 and was only 4/5 stars in both editor and user rating. So, with any bluetooth, will I have to settle for subpar sound quality?
    BT headsets are basically mini speaker phones, with all the issues that entails. Background noise plays heck with all but the most expensive speaker phones...and then it still isn't pleasant (listening to someone crinkling paper in the background while you are trying to have a meeting.)
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    I've used a few different bluetooths with my Pre, haven't had any serious issues, especially after 1.3.5.

    I currently have the Jabra BT3030, which is just a mic, controls, and headphone jack. Let's me hook up whatever earpieces I want, be it stereo earbuds, a mono earpiece, or hook it up to my home stereo while my Pre is on it's Touchstone across the room.

    The other I use is the Parrot RKi8400 in my jeep. Had the Parrot installed about a month and it is great on sound quality, which is saying a lot cause my jeep is a noisy vehicle. The other side hears me loud and clear.

    Another I have used is a nameless knock off cheaper version of the BT3030 I had gotten from Still works great, but battery life is lacking compared to the Jabra, so I keep it as a backup.

    EDIT: Costs, The Parrot was $400, but it's a full 200W car stereo digital media receiver, and though some have reported issues, mine is excellent. The knock-off BT from Meritline was $20, and the Jabra I got on ebay refurb for $25, plus your favorite set of headphones.
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    So far I have been very happy with my Blueant V1 - have received rave reports on the performance of its noise cancellation when I am in a high noise area and cut it in.
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    I use Plantronics Backbeat for music and other audio applications, have had no complaints from the other end. My "just for calls" headset is a Jawbone II. Again, no complaints from the other end ever since I got the Pre. Used to have issues when it was paired to an Instinct (bleah).
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    Plantronics Voyager Pro for me too. Moved flawlessly from my Treo
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    I really enjoy my MotoROKR S9-HD stereo headphones, great sound no issues with pairing. Full control of the music app and the phone. About $99.
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