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    I was thinking of buying one, but I looked through the forums and don't see anyone actually saying anything about them. So if anyone has one, how is it?

    How much does it add in terms of bulkiness, and how long has it lasted you? It looks pretty so I might just get one anyways!

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    I went ahead and bought one.. I'll let you know how it is guys!
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    Soo it sucks. Majorly. The clips are so hard to get in place, they bend when you try to put them in, and mine even broke. I can't say this is usual, but I ruined my Zagg Invisible Shield by putting it on and had to get a replacement today due to the case installation.

    It's not compatible with the Zagg's Invisible Shield BTW. I had to trim off some pieces and it still didn't fit. Very sad.
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    If the Otterbox is a 10 (it is to me) then the Amzer's Hybrid is a 5. I used it for several months until I got the Otterbox last week. The Otterbox is easily twice as nice.

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