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    Hey folks.

    I've got a Sprint Pre but had to travel a bit to get it. They didn't have a touchstone when I bought it and I've been making due with USB charging since. But now I've decided I'd like a touchstone but don't feel like ordering online (I like instant gratification ).

    So here's my question: There's a Verizon store in my area and I want to know if they sell touchstones + compatible backs, or do they just sell standalone touchstones? I've got the wire, but I need the touchstone and the back.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Verizon only sells the touchstones, because every Pre Plus comes with the inductive back.

    If you need the back, Verizon is not going to help you there.
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    I realize it's not instant gratification, but if you only need the Touchstone you can get it from Amazon for $36.69 shipped in a few days or less. Palm Touchstone Charging Dock for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi: Cell Phones & Service
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    Try BestBuy.
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    i had to order mine online..
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    Best buy DOES carry them. Last I saw with the backing it was like $49.99 I think.

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