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    i just got a phantomskinz Matte full body kit

    The skin for the front of the phone is a two-piece??? *** is that??
    whats the point of not having a 1-piece skin that covers the entire front of the phone??

    i loved my 1st phantomskinz that was a 1-piece that coverd the entire front of the phone with one continuous piece of skin. but they freaking jumped the shark.

    Does Phantomskinz make a 1-piece skin anymore??
    ZiplokeR, aka.... amsterdamAL
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    Update, i spoke to customer service... if you order a matte full body skin, make sure u specify you want the entire skin matte,

    Or else they'll send you a two-piece skin for the front of the PRE. one piece is clear and covers just the display area and the other piece matte that covers the outter part of the front of the phone.. go figure...

    anyways... they have the best producst and the best customer service
    ZiplokeR, aka.... amsterdamAL
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    Can you take a picture?

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    notice how the part that covers the display is clear, but the rest of the front is matte...

    Plus, idk why Phantomskinz would even sell a "screen only kit"

    So every time u swipe up on the gesture area you would feel the edge of the frek!n skin...

    this phone needs a 1-piece skin for the front face of the phone. So u can swipe around the gesture area and not rub the edge of the skin.. its common sence,
    am i crazy?

    i hope patrick over at phantomskinz wasent just blowing me off when he said phantomskinz would mail me the correct product..
    ZiplokeR, aka.... amsterdamAL
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    I installed this skin, and i have to say i am quite impressed.

    however, i can feel a tiny bit of gapping when swiping up, where the matte and clear skin meet in the lower display/gesture area. But no where near as bad as i thought it was going to be.

    i will be getting a 1-piece matte skin soon, i'll post some pics when i swap it out. i dont know how clear the screen will look with the matte skin over it.
    ZiplokeR, aka.... amsterdamAL
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    Sweet! thanks!

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