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    Because it will act as a car kit for hands free calling while you drive... when you get a call it would shut sound down on your gps etc... its actually quite nice. When the phone sup..


    For connecting to remote desktop of another computer (via internet or network) and controls. Also connecting to VNCServer through Repeater or directly to VNCServer and a lot of other configuration options.
    For more details n/]VNCServer [/url]
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    Also no luck with go720
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    No luck with my GO 720??
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    I tried with my TomTom OneXL and got the "Phone doesn't have required features" message. Annoying...
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    Don't really know what everyone's trouble is with the GO 720, mine has been paired with my Pre for nearly a year with very little trouble for voice. Doesn't support SMS or data but that's fine with me since I don't live in an area where the services are available anyway. I followed the instructions as they are listed on the TomTom support website.
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    Also no luck with go720
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    Just to say I'm still using my GO 720 without major problems. Sometimes I had problem to pair them, so it is necessary to pair them again.

    To fix:
    TOMTOM: Press reset button under your Tomtom Go;
    PRE: turn Bluetooth on in Pre;
    PRE: Enter Bluetooth preferences;
    PRE; delete TomTom device from Palm if already listed;
    TOMTOM: find new phone in your Tomtom; when it found your Palm, WAIT;
    PRE: in your Tomtom choose add device;
    PRE: When Pre find Tomtom select it and it will ask password: WAIT;
    PRE: now enter code 0000 in your Palm
    PRE AND TOMTOM: and finally press AT THE SAME TIME the green button in your Palm and the phone name in you Tomtom.
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