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    Quote Originally Posted by NickDG View Post
    The fit on the Touchstone back cover is horrible. There is a fairly large gap between the Touchstone back cover and the case.
    Do you have this case or have any pictures? Judging by the way my Pre sits on the Touchstone and the cutout in the back, it seems pretty close to me.
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    this is the identical design as the sprint and verizon one. It even has the square look to the front. Prices are always high at first and when no one buys them the price drops. I'm sure that will happen with this case also.
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    I want a case that won't look like I have a ***** in my pocket. Seriously my phone in my pocket now is barely noticeable, but I don't want a case that'll make my phone bigger..
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    I paid 15 dollars for this case it was 25% off at verizon store. i believe sprint has it for 20 dollars also less 25% if you are premier customer.

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    my touchstone fits perfect and it is cut out perfect no problems charging on any of my 3 touchstones . It works flawlessly in my car on my touchstone.

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    I filled out the form on their sample program page yesterday and today I received an email saying that they shipped me a free sample of this case. I owe it to them and precentral to do a full review with pictures and post it here. Will keep y'all posted!
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    the built in slider is great,,just got case today and I love it. Been using seidio,but tabs keep breaking. This has no tabs,,it snaps to itself and not the pre. It is a little more bulky then the seido,,compared to this,the seidio should not even be called a case. I always felt if I drop my pre the seido would offer no protection,but I liked the look and feel. This knew one is even better. The pre feels so strong and solid and I feel if I drop it nothing will happen. Slider makes it so tight it's unreal. The cut out in back is so cool. Forgot how strong ts magnet was when the pre back is exsposed. I highly recommend this case.
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    I just got the Verizon version of this case. It too is manufactured by AGF. It only came with the Touchstone-compatible back that has the hole cutout.

    First off, it does bulk up the Pre. It's now about as wide and long as the Pre in the Palm's "sleeping bag" slipcase, and has noticeably gotten thicker (I just checked ARF's webpage and it now mentions a "new slimmer design", so this might be less of an issue). In comparison to my Treo 700p, it's still thinner and shorter, but slightly wider.

    Also, volume/power buttons are awkward to get to, but certainly not impossible. The USB port is now fairly recessed, so getting the cover off is difficult.

    The slider was really stiff when I first installed it. I lend that mostly to the increased thickness of the Pre because of my Phantomskinz. After a dozen or so open/closes, its now loose enough to open with one hand again.

    In terms of looks, I rank it a "meh". I'm not too wild about the silver chrome (black chrome would be better), but I can live with it. The huge hole in the back gives a kinda mutated Mickey Mouse outline to it, but given the solid Touchstone mounting I'm more than willing to have form follow function.

    But, this thing is a TANK. It honestly now feels more solid than my Treo 700p. The back has rather thick plastic (probably for strength since a huge hole is missing on the back), which lends to much of the increased thickness. I feel like I could play a game of air hockey with this and it would come out unscathed. I can't stress this enough how solid it feels.

    The Touchstone cutout is, I would say, perfect. It lines up to the ideal location, and has very little gap around Touchstone when its on. Essentially, the case locks onto the Touchstone, making it hard to bump off. I put my Touchstone in my car only on long trips, but I know I'm going to feel better now with it like this.

    All in all, major upgrade. I've been using the stock slipcover since I got my Pre, which was never intended to protect much of anything. Now, I could throw my Pre at a wall and cause more damage to the wall than the Pre, all for not all that much increase in size. If you were willing to live with one of the old Treo's, you'd be more than willing to live this case.

    I also noticed it has notches in the case on the top and bottom, clearly intended to work with a snap-on holster. By the looks of them, it should work either with the screen facing in, or facing out. Does anyone know where to get one of these?
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    I bought a nice gerneric lether case w a belt clip that fits my phone nicely even w the new hard case.and it's easy to get in andout. Got it at sprint. It's bacically the blackberry case without the blackberry logo. Just a tad difference in looks but I love it.
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    I should have mention I got the verizon version and in my opinion it is not difficult at all to open the usb port.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    I should have mention I got the verizon version and in my opinion it is not difficult at all to open the usb port.
    "Different" is maybe more accurate. I'm used to sliding the Pre open, and then pulling the cover off from underneath. With this case, I can't get to it, so I have to attack it from the top when closed. Really a minor point considering I rarely use it.
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    I here ya,,and I would agree I feel like I can throw this threw a wall and not hurt the phone,,lol. Man I love the way this feels now. And the ts works so much better with it.
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    I just got the AGF GRT case! It is awesome!!
    FYI the video at the front of this posting was closed.
    Here is the new one:
    I'm new so apparently I can't post links...?!
    Go to YouTube - Search "OfficialAGF"
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    If anyone finds a holster that fits these cases... PLEASE let everyone on this thread know.
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    I finally received the sample cases I was sent by AG Findings today. I received one case with touchstone compatible back cover and a shiny silver frame and another with a regular back cover and a blue matte frame.

    Here is the review I sent them:

    Front frame is too wide around the phone especially in top right and top bottom corners. (When you look at the phone from the back) While this may not be a problem when phone is in closed position it looks unpleasing when you expand the keyboard and look at the mirror in the back and see the large gaps between the frame and the phone. I like the material you used for both the shiny finish and the blue finish. I think the back cover should make use of the same material used in blue finish. The soft velvety material. It's just like the material used in the original touchstone back. It's very resilliant to scratches and very easy to recondition.

    Touchstone compatible back cover does not snap to the phone as tightly as it should be. Regular back cover does not have this problem. It's a very snug fit. But touchstone compatible cover leaves quite a bit of space between the phone and the cover. This space becomes even more noticeable when keyboard is expanded. Phone does not sit flush against the back cover. Again, regular back cover don't have this problem (or at least not as noticable) Touchstone back cover needs work.

    Usability-wise: with both covers, this case makes it quite hard to access the USB port on the right and volume buttons on the left. Power/sleep button is slightly harder to use with the case attached as well. Volume buttons are very hard to use, requiring one to access them from behind the phone and by sticking their nail on them to use them. Someone with bigger fingers would have an even harder time trying to access them. USB port has a very tiny edge sticking out on the top when phone is in expanded position but that is definitely not enough to lift the cover of the USB port and access it.

    I do appreciate the matte sandy finish of the back covers as this would make the back covers more scratch resistant. However as I mentioned earlier, the material used for back covers still feels cheap compared to material used for front frame. You should use the same material for the back as the material for the front.

    This case indeed does help people with slider issues and helps the phone slide out much easier. However usability and quality issues I mentioned above needs to be stamped out to make this an all around perfect case for Palm Pre/Palm Pre+.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RealDeal71 View Post
    If anyone has the black chrome case, please take a moment to see THIS post and reply.

    I'm not sure how this TreoCentral/PreCentral get all linked together, but whatever.

    Those pictures, from this thread, were showing the back of the faceplate to illustrate areas of modification for a better fit with a Pre that has a skin.

    Edit: Might of missed the color question. It's pretty much a silver-chrome. That's the Verizon version, which may be different than the retail version (but I doubt it). It pretty much matches the ear-piece in terms of shininess.
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    I'm an Embedded Software Engineer. My idea of a Good User Interface is printf().
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