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    I have simply question. I would like buy something like this watches MBW-150 Executive Edition, but i would like to know. Is some bluetooth watches on world compatibile with WebOS into Palm Pre?
    Thanks for answers.
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    At present the answer is no. As far as I can tell we need bluetooth serial support which we don't have. Shame really because as soon as we have it we can get the app built!

    I have Sony's MBW-150 watch and loved it when I had a WinMo device. C'mon Palm let's have serial!!

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    As an update to this it was mentioned that serial support would be coming in autumn this year at a recent developer conference so it may be that we can support the watch in some way after all.

    I'm not sure if notification of new emails/sms can be passed to apps, so we'll have to wait and see.
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    I have that exact watch! The watch is awesome. Currently no way to make it work with WebOS. I used to use it with my HTC Touch Diamond. Used a program called SmartwatchWM. It was crazy sweet to be able to read texts, see who is calling me and control things like volume and music player all from the watch.

    I read a while back that they made an Android app that works with Bluetooth watches such as this one. I really hope someone makes a program for this when Palm releases some bluetooth APIs and profiles that make this possible. Perhaps, if we get lots of interest, some hackers could make this work with homebrew and linux stuff. I would pay big buxx!!
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    I just got this from ThinkGeek about a week ago: Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID Display (I haven't posted enough to include links yet, sorry).
    It works with my Pre Plus though it doesn't seem to have all the functionality it's supposed to be capable of. The Pre Plus sees it as a car kit from the "Contacts" app though it does label it "watch" from the bluetooth console when connected. It's a decent timepiece though it's quite bulky and for the $65 I paid (I had a discount coupon) I think I'll keep it in the hopes that it can be updated somehow, sometime.

    It'll show me the name of a caller if I have them in my address book that I've uploaded from the phone or just a number if not. I can answer or ignore the call with button presses to the watch. It doesn't tell me if I have an sms. So it basically gives me what I mainly wanted it for - the ability to discretely see who's calling without taking out my phone to see.

    I was hoping that I could have it connected to my phone at the same time as a bluetooth earpiece, but even with a jabra bt620s or a bt3030, both of which can and do support multiple connections in other environments, it won't with the Pre and this watch. You can have the watch or the earpiece connected but not at the same time. Switching between the two can be done in a second or two, but you have to do it with the phone. The manual that comes with it is ridiculous and the one you can download from ThinkGeek is rather pathetic too but that's no surprise.

    There's always a trade off or two with this kind of technology and always will be -
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    what about the mobilewear abacus watch? I have had this watch for a few years and can not get it to work with the palm pre. Do I need to wait until the fall for a patch?
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    did anyone try watch for palm pre? what brand is the best ? tnx

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