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    I have noticed that since running the 800 mhz overclock on my original pre, no extended battery(seido 1350) will charge even halfway without overheating to 45+ Celsius on my Touchstone Charger..with that said-
    Would it rrly even charge 25% or less on a 2600+ battery with the bigger back doors that don't support Touchstone? (if the could?)
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    With your statement regarding the 2600 battery back working with the touchstone, it is possible, check out my thread( link is in signature)
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    Some user feedback here:
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    well thank you for your response(s), when I revert back to stock battery with 800 mhz it doesn't get hot at all so it doesn't sounds like a defect in the device but maybe the 1350 battery..ill try the mod and see what's going down.
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    My Mugen 1400Mah battery is also not charging all the way, not sure if it is heat related but I assume so
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    Good thread, I also have the Mugen and was curious of any impact with the 800MHZ overclock.
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    I have the Mugen 1400, and TS, and it charges fully, at around 38 degrees. I also have a 2600 charged on the TS, and it never over heated either, all with the 800MHz kernel. I do have the scaling set for 500-800, so it's not likely that it's running at 800 while charging though, so there is that.
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