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    First off, let me say this is my first smartphone and I absolutely love it so far. This forum has proven to be helpful as well.

    I bought a clear snap on case from the Verizon store and snapped it on my Pre Plus. It fit nicely...until I wanted to open the phone. It made sliding more difficult because the two halves were rubbing together. I like the solid feel of it, but not the poor design. I definitely don't want a belt pouch or a pouch that fits in my pocket.

    I've seen some reviews of the more expensive snap on cases, and while they seem to fit better, they seem fragile. Most note that the tabs break off while installing the case or shrotly thereafter. Either way, it's no good.

    Also, do the hard cases make the phone overheat or get too hot? It may be a silly question, but thought I'd ask.

    I'm wanting a clear (or black) snap on case that is durable, fits so well that it will in no way interfere with the sliding of the phone, is 'slick' enough that I can put the phone in my jeans pockets w/o it getting hung up (like some of the rubbery type cases do). Compatibility with the Touchstone isn't a big deal to me since I can easily just plug the charger into the phone.

    Am I asking for too much? Am I destined to just use a screen protector and hope the phone doesn't get too scratched up?

    Thanks in advance to all who can help with tips, suggestions, links to quality hard cases, etc.
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    The one I'm using now is the Rocketfish one from Best Buy. It's not bad so far. I noticed it interfered with sliding somewhat, but it's loosened up. It's still not as smooth as the phone is without a case on at all. The case is also pretty smooth; definitely does not enhance grip.
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    +1 for the rocketfish...they work, and arent too expensive...not as grippy as the seidio tho.
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    I have the Bodyglove. It does interfere with sliding slightly, but also seems to tighten things up a bit. The tabs do tend o break, and removing it can be a pain. Definitely helps with grip.
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    I picked this accessory kit up about a week ago. The case that was included has a rubbery feel to it, but I haven't had any problems getting it hung up in my pocket. Doesn't seem to interfere with sliding open the phone, not as smooth as with no case, but still not too bad. Snaps on for a pretty snug fit. No issues with heat so far. Overall not a bad case.

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