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    So the Phantom Skinz I applied shortly after launch (I've had my Pre that long!) is finally coming off... I was tempted to try the Phantom Skinz Chromatics, just to jazz things up a bit (and because you don't need water to apply them!), but I was wondering if anyone has used them-- my main concern is that the skin over the gesture area might make it a little less responsive, since the skin seems a bit thicker (and is colored!) than the normal Phantom Skinz cover...

    Searched for an answer to this already, but didn't find one... Any experiences???

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    Bought one for my wife's Pre. Applied it last night and it looks great. No negative affect to the gesture area below the screen.

    1 small problem. The skin for the front of the phone covers the light sensor and makes the phone unresponsive after placing a phone call. I cut the cover and the phone works correctly now.

    I contacted Phantom Skinz and they didn't know about the issue and said they would make a design change and mail out a new one. Great customer service... can't complain.

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    intersting, I would think twice now before i got...thanks

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