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    My pre plus is a finger print/oily skin magnet. Been researching various screen protectors for the pre plus on the forums, but can't seem to get an answer.

    specifically, are any of the screen protectors resistant to finger print and skin oil, while also being scratch proof? Or do they just stay scratch proof while continuing to smudge fingerprints and oil?
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    Screen protectors that are less transparent and more "orange peel-y" (zagg invisishield for one) are finger print resistant but it comes at the cost of clearness
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    I use zagg invisable shield and all though it does not advertise being smudge proof, it certianly helps a lot. I'm assuming the others would preform the same.
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    yea the phone with a screen protector definitely decreases the amount of visible smudges. Plus it's alot easy to wipe with your shirt to clear the smudges. I'd recommend getting one especially with the added benefits of a scratch free screen.
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    thanks for the prompt responses. Besides the zagg, do the other screen protectors such as boxwave, phantom skinz, skinomi etc also keep the screen smudge AND scratch free? Just seems like I will be spending atleast $10 on a piece of plastic so I went to spend my 10 wisely...boy would I get annoyed if I spend that much and wind up with a useless piece of plastic. I remember all my past palm devices coming with screen protectors in the box.

    anyways, want the best balance of price, ease of placement, and effectiveness. Not sure I can go the 12 to 24 hrs without using my pre plus that is recommended in some of the instructions...i am THAT addicted.

    advice re: the above protectors?

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    Skinomi has become my favorite screen protector. Not tacky like zagg and cost less and don't peel off. They also help with finger prints and are easier to install. I have installed on 2 PREs, Ipod touch and full body PSP.

    Buy from Amazon cheaper than Skinomi website.
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    really..did not tknow that
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    wrong thread...
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    Hello,did you not see my post about Amazon screen proctectors,real thin mirror like plastic that covers the entire front of your phone,and at a good price. Check it out.

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