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    So about 8 months ago i received a bluetooth capable helmet as a gift. It was on for about 200 bucks their not there anymore although i did find it on amazon here...

    It's sweet you can listen to music, use for a phone (has mic built in), or do helmet to helmet communication. has external controls that are easy to use with gloves. I love it..

    its a modular helmet as well so it lets you left the bottom half up and have it be a half face helmet instead of full kinda cool! also has a built in tinted visor that comes down behind the clear face plate thing.. (makes one feel like that move where Stallone is the judge)

    All these great things... although! the sound is only mono! not stero... driving me nuts when trying to listen to music!.... what does one do now!

    I had an old pair of motorola bluetooth head phones.. the HT820

    I had acidently broke the plastic back support on it... ehh lame! anyway i figured this is perfect.. took it apart found that the speaker is almost thesame size as the stock speaker of the VCan helmet. took thewire connecting one board to the other (of the headset) soldered it onto the speaker and the other end right into where the stock speaker has its connections soldered on to... an wala.. run the wire behind the patting to the other side and mount speaker right in the ear cushion and you are all set.

    Now i dont see why you couldnt do this with any stero bluetooth set and just place it in helmet... this one is basically done for you Motorola S7HD You would have to control via phone but its nice you can probably put it into any helmet and take it out and use it as well

    Here are photos sorry i didnt try. if people want some more detailed instructions of wanting to do it. contact me..and ill post some up

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    What a shame. This helmet does *everything*...except have a Snell rating to show that it can adequately function to protect the wearer in the event of an accident. No, thank you. I'm sorta attached to my head, and couldn't live without it..... :-)
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    Very savvy and cool piece of gadgetry. Take a look at this one also, i find it cool.
    helmet speakers

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