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    am i the only one that thinks it takes an unreasonable amount of force to remove the charger cord from the pre.There are 2 prongs that hold the cord firmly in place but most cords like these have a button to be depressed to retract these "teeth" that hold the cord firmly in place but i dont know why the pre doesn't have this.My old treo charger has the ability to retract the teeth that hold its charger in place
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    yes, I am always afraid I'm going to break something when I plug in/unplug the pre. The connector is VERY snug but as long as I'm careful, I think it will be OK. Hopefully one day the Touchstones won't be such a ripoff and I can get a few.
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    Really? We are complaining about the charging cord now? WOW
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    Quote Originally Posted by graffix31 View Post
    Really? We are complaining about the charging cord now? WOW
    well this thread would become a complaint thread if we dont put our ideas together to find a solution.what i an saying is that does any one know of the "teeth" being retractable versus requiring a substantial amount of force to be removed from a slider phone which could possibly cause damage to this mechanism.soooo if any has any good ideas of if these cables come with a button to release the locking mechanism that would be great.the touchstone is a bit iffy in charging sometimes and direct attachment to the cord is needed anyway to download/upload files anyway so it isnt totally eliminated with use of the touchstone
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    never noticed any issues with cord. Been using for 7 months now. Don't need any force to pull out.
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    I suggest some push ups,,maybe some weight tranning so this becomes easier for you. Lol,,im sorry,,could not resist,,please forgive,,lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    Never noticed any issues with cord..... Don't need any force to pull out.
    Pretty much the same here... But I've only had mine for 2-1/2 weeks.
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    Can't relate, I use touchstone chargers at home and in my car

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