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    I found that my daughter's Pre will sync up with the Motorola T605 I have installed in my Mazda CX-7. Works fine, with the exception of voice dialing (I'm another one of those folks who wonders where the Product Management's head was on this one...) I'm wanting to get a Pre for myself, but this one aspect stops me, I'm keeping my LG Versa...

    If anyone wants more specifics about the T605, I will be happy to share my experience. It has been great for driving and listening to music over BT. The Pre works great for that.
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    if anyone wants a T605 i actually have a brand new
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    Will this device switch back & forth between a portable bt unit (ie earpiece) automatically or do you have to toggle the devices manually when you start your car?
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    My T605 works great as well, sans voice dialing. The funny thing is that playing music via the T605 sounds better in my car's stereo than if I patch the Pre in using a direct the same radio input port. Highly recommended, as long as you don't need voice dial.....
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    The sync-up happens when you start the system. I've sync'd it so that my Dell Axim would do the music side of the world, and then my phone did the handsfree connection. I believe that you could have your phone and headset connected, and then the music profile would connect.
    The music does play very very well between my LG Versa and T605. Of course, the Voice dialing works GREAT with the Versa (dang it Palm/HP, get it together!) I live in North Dallas, and we have laws against cell phone usage in the car in our town.

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