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    Just a quick review:

    About 3 weeks ago a bought an emergency LiIon power backup from Dealextreme (Honkong site - free worldwide delivery):

    *removed link*

    ok, i only have 7 posts so i'm not allowed to post links.

    Just have a look at "www dealextreme com" (add dots) and enter "3060" in the search field. Then you'll see a link to the "Rechargeable USB Emergency Power Backup Pack 2400mAh ".

    Shipment to Germany took about 3 weeks, but that's normal with Dealextreme. In fact it's rather fast - i had shipments that took 6 weeks...

    If you can live with that, the price is unbeatable! In Germany similar backup power devices cost about 40 Euros...

    Build quality is decent. It feels quite sturdy. I didn't test the claimed 2400 mAh yet. But i can confirm that it fully recharges an empty Pre. After charging the Pre i recharged the backup battery, too. So i can't say how much mAh were left in the backup.

    You can charge the backup power device either with the supplied cable from a USB power source or directly via USB (the Pre charger comes to mind).

    A very handy device for only 14$. You can also charge any other USB powered devices of course...

    They have LOTS and LOTS of iPhone gadgets and accessories, but not one for the Pre...

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    I've used Deal Extreme before. Low price stuff, but it works as promised. If you do make a purchase be sure to add one of these pens to your order while you're at it:

    DealExtreme: $1.33 Invisible Ink Pen

    My 6 year old son loved it.
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    you have to be careful with dealextreme, a lot of their stuff is shady, for instance i've ordered some items that did not come in any packaging at all, just a plastic ziplock bag lol..

    pretty much that site is great to by cheap little items, (which they have A LOT of) but i really wouldn't buy any of their more expensive items, however.
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    You're right, of course. Lots of their stuff really IS shady. That's why i posted. The battery (SKU 3060) really is ok!

    But they have a few things that are great for their price. I've bought a couple of them, mostly flashlights, keychain lights, LiIon batteries, speakers (SKU 00646 - neat), etc.

    But normally you just get what you pay for, as always...

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    Hi Walter,

    After some weeks testing the device, are you still happy with your "Rechargeable USB Emergency Power Backup Pack 2400mAh " ?
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    Still happy, yes.

    To be honest, i still did't check the capacity.

    Whenever i used the backup i charge it again at the first oportunity along with my pre (hey, when i'm in reach of USB why not charge both?)
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    Oh, before i forget - i recently bought these neat mini- to micro-USB adapters from DX, too:

    DealExtreme: $2.24 Micro USB Male to Mini USB Female Adapter Converter (9CM-Length)

    Very convenient. Love it. I bet that wherever you are there are tons on mini-USB cables available, but not one micro-USB

    I tried the other adapter (DealExtreme: $2.39 Mini USB to Micro USB Adapter/Converter Keychain) too, but it doesn't fit into the pre! But maybe that's just manufacturing tolerance.

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