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    Just thought of an idea and I might suggest this to Palm if everybody likes it. What about a car dock that is Touchstone compatible, has built in A2DP to 3.5mm adapter? Since we don't have an official car holder, this can hold the phone, charge the phone and connect the phone to the audio system.

    Modify the webOS software so that if the unit is docked, it'll turn on Bluetooth automatically and connect to the dock via A2DP, and when pulled disconnects and shuts off Bluetooth.

    Also maybe a desktop version as well, alongside with the current Touchstone version.
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    That could be an easy patch to create. More simply have the bluetooth turn on when on a touchstone, and off when removed, as long as BT was not already active before connecting the touchstone. I wouldn't need a dock with it's own A2DP, as I have a newly installed Parrot RKi8400 (that I am very happy with so far). What I want to see would be something like the iGrip or ProClip mounts with a properly aligned Touchstone coil.

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