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    I just bought a Motorola t325 bluetooth speaker for my car at Best Buy for $79. I was debating between this model versus the Jabra Cruiser model. I ended up getting the Motorola model because I don't want to fiddle around with FM reception tuning since I do driving on freeways that get spotty FM reception. Also, the Jabra model only tells you the caller's phone number but not the name of the person calling (ie: Joe Blow, etc). Whereas the Motorola t325 model actually does announce the name of the person calling instead of just a phone number.

    I can't find a single comment about the Motorola t325 model on this site when doing a search, only the (older?) Motorola 505 model. I have 30 days return privilege at Best Buy to return or exchange my purchase, so I want to know what others experience has been with the t325 Motorola model.

    My only other consideration was the Parrot model that is mentioned on this website under Accessories. So I'm still slightly interested in the Parrot model as an alternative.

    Thanks! Casey
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    Soooooo, nobody has bought this t325 Motorola bluetooth speaker? Am I the only guinea pig?? :-))

    So far, I'm liking this unit. I wish the unit had a slimmer profile, as it's a bit thick when attached to my visor.

    I also tried the 411 Bing feature. Boy was that a joke!! I got nothing but frustration trying to do voice navigation. At one point, in trying to get directions, I got so frustrated that I started cursing at the device, and then the unit hung up on me!

    I do like how the unit is able to announce the name of the person calling, instead of simply telling me a phone number. However, the British lady voice sounds a little strange in pronunciating various names on my contact list.

    Another really annoying "feature" is whenever I enter the car, the blasted unit will say something like "battery level is high, now connected to Casey Cheung's Pre". I don't want this notification anymore! How do I turn this off?? Even when I exit out of the car door, or opening and closing the trunk, this is enough to cause the unit to make the same announcement over and over again. Enough already!!
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    Okay, okay... Still nobody else has tried this unit?
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    I just bought the T325 and am so far liking it. However, I cannot get the voice dial to work with my pre is this not an option with the Pre??
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    Voice dialing is only supported on phones that support voice dialing...which is not the Pre...yeah, I just got my t505 in today, and the lack of voice dialing is a bummer.
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    Unfortunately, no voice dialing at this time. The Motorola unit will announce the name of the caller though, such as Jane Doe calling.
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