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    if there is a thread about this or not... but is there a battery charger?

    after so many replacement phones sent to me, i have 4 batteries, and the only way to charge them is to put them in the phone. making this a process cause then the phone is constantly hooked up to the USB cable. and it keeps getting hot.

    is there a palm or aftermarket charger just for batteries?
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    amazon.. cheap and effective
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    Quote Originally Posted by Popper668 View Post
    amazon.. cheap and effective
    thanks, but do you happen to know the name of the charger or brand? or even better, send me the link.... thanks
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    Summary, make sure it is rated at 5V 1A...and don't pay more than $10.

    BTW, I found standard Palm OEM chargers (without USB cable) for that price on eBay...and then got USB cables on Monoprice for about $1.50. The Seidio chargers also work great.

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    thanks for the heads-up about the 5V 1A..... i will certainly be looking for that. thanks!
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    I was also looking for the chargers since few days but didn't found any good one.This charger seems good one.I am thinking to buy this.If anybody knows better than this then please do tell me.

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