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    WebOS v1.4.0 broke my car Bluetooth connection, and I really want it back. I have the Build 170 (v1.3.5.1) Doctor JAR file, and of course I could go and Doctor my phone and then get things back to my liking again...

    Then I thought, shouldn't it somehow be possible to find the files responsible for the BT profiles from v1.3.5.1, which worked for me, and put those into my current v1.4.0 Pre without having to wipe everything?

    Any of the internals gurus out there have any ideas on this?

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    loss of the bluetooth for some car kits is anoying, I went back to a wired earpiece until Palm figures it out.
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    I posted something similar and did not get any responses. I tried using Z-zip to rebuild the .jar file using the old BT files in a v1.4 .jar file but couldn't get the doctor to accept the new file.

    The files can be found in :

    I'm not sure if it's all the files, but the "application" directory appears to hold all of the standard applications and sounds like a good place to find the application files.
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    Tony, you just tried to put together a new JAR for the Doctor, then? You didn't, say, try logging into a rooted phone and just copying the files into a running filesystem?

    I may look into replacing all the /usr/bin/*Bt* files and the stuff, then... If there's an optware package with ldd in it, I can see if the libraries have changed, too.
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    I tried making a new JAR file, as there were too many files to individually send to the phone. If there is a way to send entire directories I am willing to try it. Assuming the patch on 3/31 does not address the issue. I'm guessing there will be a patch to allow for paid apps in europe/canada, and I'm hoping that the rumours of a beta patch being released to devs last week are true.
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    Very interested in this workaround. Hopefully Palm will fix it soon.

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