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    I have been looking for a new improved battery, am sure if your reading this thread. You will already know how poor the Palm pre battery is, the only alternative I have seen is the rather ugly models that make the palm look like its on steroids.

    Also I have same across a 1350mah model, which I have read doesn't offer much improvement. Now I dont want to carry a spare party and I don't want to have a large fitting one either. Does anyone know of a good battery that will add at least 20% to the current stock Pre Battery.
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    I bought a while ago, but the mugen 1400 was cheapest at the time. It works with the stock case. I recommend it for a small boost in battery life. Theoretically it adds about 20-25% if you go by the mah.
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    Mugen 1400 is the cheapest alternative. It's been so long since I used the stock Pre battery, I can't really say how much improvement it adds since my phone use has changed since I bought it.

    When I first got it, from what I can remember, I really didn't see a drastic improvement over the stock battery. I charge my phone every night and the Mugen 1400 gets me through the whole day with no problems at all.

    I have 5 IMAP email accounts set up, 3 to check mail as it arrives, the others are manual checks. I play a game for for probably 30 minutes a day. Surf the web and text for probably 30 minutes a day. Check for preware updates, application updates several times a day. Snap a few pics every now and then. Rarely use the phone.

    My stock battery would probably do just fine but there was a period of time where my battery was draining quickly for some reason so that was why I bought the Mugen.
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    does the mugen work with touchstone?
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    does the mugen work with touchstone?

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