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    I did some searching but could not find what I was wanting. The small plug/door dealio on the side of my phone where the mini usb plug goes into has been broken forever. Oddly enough I found it and put it back, but the small piece that it connects to into the phone is broken, so its pretty useless.

    Is there a replacement for this or something aftermarket that is acceptable to use?

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    no, you can try ebay. And they are many threads about this. Search harder! Loll.
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    6o to sprint store and they will pull one off of old pre and put on yours like they did mine.
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    I pulled mine off about 1 month into it...Palm should have just come out without a cover, however a nice finished secure port.
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    Thanks guys. When searching I was not exactly sure what the piece was called, so it was tough trying to search

    I'll do some digging!
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    I've read posts where people just called Palm and asked them for one and Palm sent it. Not sure what the number is you can probably find it on the Palm website.

    Just sweet talk them, tell them how wonderful the Pre is, how you recommend it to all your friends and then ask if there is any way you can get a replacement cover. Even offer to pay for it.

    Chances are, they will send you one free.
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    Well cool, I will be trying that this weekend. Thank you so much for the tip
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    Just go to a sprint or verizon store and rip one out of their demo units, but act like you are just looking at the phone
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    I wish they would have done the little slot like the pixi or just left it open like all other smart phones
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    yeah the pixi slot is sweet, made me a little jealous lol
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    my door broke off only about two months after I got the phone. When it broke, some internal plastic parts came out of the slot, probably what the door attached to inside. I kept the door itself and placed it in the slot, but whenever i charge i pull it out and risk losing it. I did lose it once and talked to Palm Chat Support and they fedex'ed me a new door after promising that this would fit in and lock in position. well of course it didn't, it was just another door. I lost that one and chatted with them again, but all they would do is send me another door. lame. i think they should replace my whole phone
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    I've been just living without my conver since it came off some time back....
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