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    I picked up my brand new Focus last week and I too have been loving SYNC. I mainly use it for just the phone (keep my iPod plugged into the USB for Voice Commands). It is so great being able to keep driving without having to fiddle with or carry around my wired headset (while legal, I need my hands to steer and shift).

    While reading text messages would be nice, I do not think I will really miss the feature until Microsoft implements talk-to-text so that I can respond beyond the currently limited offerings.
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    I have a Palm Centro (Verizon) and just leased a '10 Ford Edge. I cannot get the phone to pair with Sync. It's time to update my phone and I am reluctant to get the Pre Plus for this reason only. It seems that the carrier can affect the ability to pair with Sync. Is that possible? For example, a Palm Centro on the Sprint network is listed as compatible with Sync but not mentioned on Verizon.
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