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    I'm picking up a pre today and wanted to know what screen protector to get. I currently have a invisheild on my centro and it works great as a protector (perfect as the day I got it) BUT it makes the screen pretty "grippy" and I miss the perfectly smooth feeling of an iphone or even the centro pre-screen protector.

    So I was wondering what the best screen protector is that keeps the smoothest feel.

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    I researched several different company products myself before I purchased. After everything, I ended up choosing Phantom Skinz and love them. They are very easy to install (follow the directions and make sure both your hands and the device are clean first), and these skins are cut extremely well for the Pre. The corners molded perfectly and all the key points lined up dead-on. The Phantom Skinz aren't 'tacky' or 'grippy' feeling at all. They are very smooth to the touch and look fantastic. I'm pretty anal about stuff like this and totally would suggest these to you!
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    I love the Phantomskinz too, but even they can get a little grippy at times.

    An old trick that works well. Olive oil. Seriously.

    Well, seriously, I never used olive oil but a lot of people did. I used spray silicon instead. Take a soft cloth - an old t-shirt or something - and spray a bit of liquid silicon on it. Then rub it onto the screen protector well. Then take a dry part of the cloth and buff it a bit. Feels like glass. You have to re-apply occasionally, but works well. It has been the method I have used for YEARS going back to my Handspring Prism, Tapwave Zodiac, Treo 700p, Centro, and now Pre Plus.
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    I've got the Boxwave Clear Touch Crystal and it's definitely not grippy.
    I'm very happy with it.
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    go with phantomskinz. Good product, wraps all the way around the phone, so if you put the Seidio innocase cover on it, for example, it is nice and taught and wont peel off easy.
    Usually they ahve a 2 for 1 internet special.
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    i use skinomi and works great only $9.95 unlimited replacements
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    A great fee tip I got from here...use the screen protector it comes with. Lift it just enough to cut the tab off the top and you can hardly tell its there. My Pre is two weeks old and its just starting to show around the edges. I figure I'll get another week out of it. Who knows, maybe more.
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    Skinomi is a good one at a good price.
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    I also highly recommend the Skinomi Tech Skin. It's smooth as glass and feels great. I've had mine on for about 6 months and it still looks and feels like new.
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    Skinomi is the best that I have found.
    They also seem to be easier to install.

    Skinomi TechSkin - Gadget and Cell Phone Screen Protectors, Skins, Cases, Shields, Covers
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    I like the SCreate protectors - I did a review of them here:

    After a day or so they feel pretty smooth, and you don't notice they are there. Although, they are not full-body protectors so you may want to get a case as well (I use the Bodyglove Elements hard case).

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    Does the phantom skins "screen only" skin cover the front sides of the device? So, is it just the front piece of the "full body" kit (shown on the webpage) OR does it literally ONLY cover the see through screen part?

    From the name it would seem like it is only see through screen cover, but I don't see an option for "front cover" and I don't see an image for "screen only".

    Since I'll be getting a touchstone eventually, I figure I only really need to cover the front (screen and bezel around)

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    No, the phantomskinz "screen only" cover covers the entire screen piece - front and sides. You basically have to halves of a shell - the top part (screen piece) and the bottom (back piece). It covers the entire top part of the shell. Perfectly.
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    Thanks for the info. I just ordered one based on it!
    If anyone else is looking there is a 25% coupon code of :spring25
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    I am going to add my opinion and get this post moved back up to the top. I got a Skinomi skin for the Pre and it is awesome. I have used at least one other tech skin and the Skinomi is much better. It is smooth and easy to put on. Best of all, they have one that just covers the front of the Pre, without going down the sides and around the corners. The customer service was excellent as I ordered several for the Pre Plus and they sent one for the Pre and they quickly responded to my email.
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    is the skinomi also finger print and smudge resistant?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    is the skinomi also finger print and smudge resistant?

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