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    I do not know if this has been addressed before, I searched around a bit and found nothing. That being said while I was working on my Touchstone Mods (see link in signature) I noticed that the molding for the holes for the speaker were alot smaller than the stock battery cover, seems like there is flaw in the molding which leads me to believe, smaller holes=less sound getting through. The holes only seemed smaller on the inside of the battery cover.

    So I took a needle with a pair of pliers and forced it through each one of the holes to make them bigger. I've attached a pic of a back I did this to and one that is stock.

    How do yours look?
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    Some user feedback here:
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    please put the pipe down.
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    thanks for the tip I just finished making mines bigger it was like the bit didn't go all the way through
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    This worked great. I had noticed that my ring wasn't as loud since I put the new battery in but never made the connection.

    Any tips on how to stop the phone from turning off when unexpectedly when this battery is installed?


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