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    I am getting my PalmPre+ in a little over a week. I ordered a Backbeat 906 to use with it (which arrived today). If I were to pair the headset with my current Centro - and then "re-pair" it once I get my Pre+, will that overwrite the pairing with the Centro? I plan on keeping my Centro - at least for the short term - until I know I have all the data off of it that it might need. I will no longer use the Centro as a phone once my Pre+ is set up, but just want to make sure it won't cause any issues in the future if I decide to pair the Backbeat and Centro now to try it out and make sure I like and know how to use the headset.
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    I don't know the Backbeat specifically, but most devices these days support multiple pairings (typically around five). That said, the vast majority will not support them simultaneously, i.e. if the Pre is connected to it and then the Centro connects, the Pre will get bumped until you re-connected it, which then bumps the Centro, etc.
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