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    Has anyone actually bought one of these? I'm looking to get a Car Charger that will allow 2 Pre's to be hooked to it. The Griffen one gets horrible reviews But I'm not opposed to it.
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    your telling me no one here has tried this charger?
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    The store I work at has been selling the charger since November, and I haven't seen one come back with any issues. I have one that is mini usb from when I carried a Touch PRO, and now I just use a micro cable with it to charge my Pre.
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    Is that the Griffen or the Smart Phone experts....if it's the smart phone experts can the usb port charge another Pre
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    The smartphone experts charger. I've never tried charging two pres at once, but it is designed to charge multiple devices at once so it shouldn't be a problem. A co worker uses his to charge his Blackberry and itouch.

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